We will paint every aspect of your house to order.  We use protective sheeting and painter's tape to ensure that the paint stays on the walls and does not end up on your carpet.  Several coats may be required depending on whether it is new plaster, a colour change or the same colour.



Internal woodwork is prepped by removing flaking paint prior to sanding, dust removed with tack cloths before applying undercoat and a final gloss coating which will last the test of time.

floor paint.jpg


When painting floorboards, preparation is key.  It's important to sand the floor down to bare wood,  thoroughly clean and fill in any knots/holes with filler.

From here, we recommend using special purpose floor paint which is designed to withstand the massive wear and tear that comes from foot-traffic, moving furniture and spills/stains.




Finishing wood with varnish not only preserves it but helps protect it from scratches and stains.   Varnish also makes wood appear more beautiful, accentuating the individual grain and colour. 


After carefully prepping the wooden floors, doors, fences or furniture, we can varnish it to a high standard, giving it a completely new look and lease of life.



If your children's nursery is looking plain, there's nothing quite like some custom wall art to make the room come alive.  Everything from clouds and trees to Peppa Pig and Peter Pan, we will convert your nursery into a magical place for your kids to enjoy.

When painting nurseries, we always use baby-safe, non-toxic paint.