Too often people apply wallpaper over their existing wallpaper.  Whilst this may save some time in the short-term, you're increasing the speed that the wallpaper will peel and you'll only have to re-wallpaper again in the near future.

Using efficient methods, we'll remove the wallpaper without damaging the surface underneath.



Feature walls allow you to experiment with a certain design, colour or texture on a small scale that you would not replicate across the whole room.  These walls are high-impact and truly bring a room to life.


Whether it's a texture like wood or stone, or a colour like bright pink or yellow, we can transform your room for the better.



Wallpaper adds a level of texture and design that is difficult to replicate with paint.  Once you've picked a wallpaper you love, you'll need to make sure it goes up correctly.  There's nothing worse than seeing wallpaper that is unaligned or even worse, peeling!

Badly damaged walls are cross-lined prior to hanging wallpaper or lining paper can be used on uneven walls if you would prefer a painted finish.