Farmers already have so much to do and so little time, without trying to find time to paint all of their farm buildings.

Let PaintSmith handle your painting and decorating needs and make your business gleaming.



The way a school looks speaks volumes as it is the first impression that many parents have when visiting.  Also, a well presented school boosts morale and productivity for the students and teachers who have to spend the majority of their year here. 

Let PaintSmith do what they do best and bring a new lease of life to your school.



Having a professional space which evokes your brand and facilitates your growth is the dream for every office manager or employee. The wellbeing of staff in the office is essential to the team's performance, and so providing office refurbishments can create a happier office, great first impression for clients, and a vibrant surrounding that gets the most out of employees

PaintSmith delivers beautiful, functional office refurbishment in the Brecon Beacons area.

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