Improve the way your house looks with a fresh coat of exterior paint.  This can be used to rejuvenate an old and worn paint job; or to completely transform your existing brickwork.

We recommend using long-lasting, weatherproof exterior paint to ensure the best possible finish for your property.

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One of the main features to the exterior of a property and one that is often overlooked. Wooden doors are prepped by removing flaking paint prior to sanding, dust removed with tack cloths before applying undercoat and a final finish coating which will last the test of time.

For that extra special statement door, why not let PaintSmith apply Gras a Lacquer techniques to achieve a mirrored finish.

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The floors in garages, workshops and basements can look plain and dirty.  Bring a new dimension to your floor 

with a special two-part epoxy floor paint which is heavy duty and up to the task.